Bulletproof Coffee® Review: The Butter Coffee Diet

There are many types of recommended diets out there to choose from which makes it difficult to know which is the best diet for overall health. There is a new way of eating and drinking called the Bulletproof diet®. This is a ketogenic diet that is primarily based on a type of butter coffee called Bulletproof coffee®.

Silicon valley investor and cloud computing expert, Dave Asprey, is the inventor behind this gourmet coffee. Dave says he has spent many years studying the effects different kinds of food have on our health and especially the agriculture practices that are bad for your health. The cornerstone is developing foods that are low in mycotoxins which are molds and fungus. Dave developed ingredients that minimise toxin load on the body. He uses a recipe that includes: high altitude, single origin, organic, wet processed South American coffee beans, highly refined coconut oil called MCT oil and grass fed butter. This is said to produce a cup of coffee that energises your brain on ketones, reduces inflammation, detoxifies your body and help with weight loss.

To hear other reviews on Bulletproof executive coffee and to find out more watch this youtube video. You can buy Upgraded™ products online here.

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